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“You Are the Body of Christ”

Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.”
1 Corinthians 12:27 (ESV)

When we baptize, we as a congregation say to the newly baptized one: “We welcome you into the Lord’s family. We receive you as fellow members of the body of Christ, children of the same heavenly Father, and workers with us in the kingdom of God.”

This understanding of who we are comes from the epistles of the apostle Paul. Throughout his writing, the apostle calls the gathered community of believers, the church, “the body of Christ.” Paul tells us that all the baptized are members of the body, and that all have different functions and forms as part of the body. No part is superior to another, but each part has a certain role to perform in the body.

In a bold statement, Paul tells the Corinthians, “Now you are the body of Christ” after pointing out to the Corinthian church their woeful inadequacies as the church. Paul has no problem telling them they ought to be ashamed calling themselves Christians after acting the way they have, with their fussing and feuding and doctrinal ignorance, and petty divisions, and cowardly disloyalty to the way of Christ.

Paul does not say, “You ought to be the body of Christ,” or, “If you work hard, someday you might be able to be the body of Christ.” He flat out says to them, “Now you are the body of Christ.” It’s an amazing thing to say about a group of people such as they were. It would be an amazing thing to say about a group of people like us!

Have you ever invited someone to come to church with you? They might have responded by saying something like, “Well, I do consider myself a Christian, but I am just opposed to organized religion.” The next time that happens, say the following in response to them:
“For better or worse, the church is the form that the risen Christ chooses to take in the world.
The church is where the body of Christ in the world exists. It is where you will meet, get to know, and learn to serve Jesus Christ and become his disciple.”

The God of Christianity refuses to remain vague, indistinct, and aloof in this world. Many times God comes too close for our comfort challenging us with a new purpose in life. The primary way God comes close to us is through his church, “the body of Christ.”

Sorry if you think “being religious” means to separate yourself out from the common herd of humanity and join with all of the good working, unbelievably righteous, and morally upright people in the church. The real let down occurs when you discover that not everyone in the church is so hard working, unbelievably righteous and morally upright. In this faith of ours, “being religious” means to meet God where God meets us. Where does God meet us? God meets us in his church. God meets us as “the body of Christ” a group of saints and sinners all gathered in one place.

We may be a motley crew of people who have absolutely nothing that holds us together, or nothing to keep us in motion, other than the risen Christ. Yet what more do we really need?
We are the body of Christ. In our baptism, we became a member of it. In our Baptism, we become disciples of Jesus Christ. In our baptism, we become a part of God’s church for all eternity.
Like it or not, we are God’s answer to what’s wrong with the world. We are the primary means whereby the world will meet Jesus. So, go into the world with the confidence that you are the body of Christ!

In Christ,

—Pastor Ernie

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August 23WINGS Spa Day

The theme is Seaside Serenity: Sandals, Surf, and Sonshine. Tickets go on sale today! Cost is $8 and includes lunch. Remember our “Sandal Contest” - be looking for the oldest, prettiest, ugliest, or most unusual pair of sandals.

September 13Community Breakfast

Saturday 8:00 AM — 10 AM at St. John's.
Come & bring your neighbor—Donations accepted to benefit Iredell Christian & 5th Street Ministries

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